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Welcome to your Meditation Station

This site is set up to be your guide through meditation. Whether you’re just starting out, or have been practicing meditation for many years, this site will help you follow your path to enlightenment and introduce you to what meditation can do for you.

Through my practice and my site I am bringing you modern meditation! We all live busy lives filled with work, stress, and foggy minds. Not all of us have the time, or are willing to give ourselves time to centre ourselves and clear our heads. But that’s reality and it’s not changing anytime soon. So my goal is to provide modern meditation that blends with your busy life.

Allowing yourself to be still and reaching a state of ‘nothingness’ is the ultimate meditation. But there are many other ways to allow your mind to shut down and calm the body without a lengthy meditation. Many tools can be beneficial throughout our day and used wherever you desire.

This site is a labour of love that I plan to grow and in doing so bring you valuable information, inspiration, and guidance for your meditation journey.

Dana Goodfellow, RMT, D.Ac, & Certified Meditation Teacher

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